Washington Parish Fair Advance Ticket Sales 

The Mighty Thomas Carnival will provide the midway for the 2013 Washington Parish Free Fair in Franklinton, Louisiana, October 16-19, 2013.  Advance tickets will be available for sale beginning Wednesday, September 25, 2013. A sheet of 40 tickets will be sold for $22.00. Once the fair starts, 30 tickets will cost $25.00 and single tickets will cost $1.00 each at the carnival ticket box. If you purchase tickets in advance your savings will be 45%. The advance tickets will be available at the Magee Financial offices located at 1001 Washington Street, Franklinton; 414 Columbia Street, Bogalusa; Hwy. 190, Covington; and 403 Avenue G, Kentwood; Resource Bank, located at 950 10th Avenue, Franklinton, and 402 Avenue B, Bogalusa; and Parish Credit at 951 Washington Street, Franklinton. Tickets will be available each day during regular business hours through Tuesday, October 15th.

Thursday, October 17th and Saturday, October 19th will be pay-one-price Mid-way Days and each arm band will cost $18.00. CASH ONLY! 

For more information, call James Magruder, James Jacobs or Valerie Penny at (985) 839-6767.


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